Pablo Valero Alonso

Skoda en 60 Segundos


campaign 2017

“Skoda en 60 Segundos” was a super original idea that the brand developed together with Proximity Barcelona, a BBDO agency. We worked with them on a massive 27 advertising videos production in order to showcase all the models and the new technologies for Skoda’s 2017 line. Production Company: Smallfish Spain. Executive Producer: Daniele Francia. Head of Production: Lorenzo Musiu. Director: Pablo Valero Alonso. This is one of the 27 videos.


Working side by side with Proximity’s creative department and Skoda Spain, we needed to pull off 27 consistent advertising videos that the client was going to use for a unique national campaign.


We managed to design and execute a fairly challenging production that took 4 months to be completed. Director Pablo Valero Alonso delivered 27 pieces of minimal and classic advertising. The keys were flexibility, open communication with agency and client starting from day 0 and a lot of crazy work.

“Skoda en 60 Segundos” is an example on how international brands are investing more and more into digital campaigns conveying valuable messages to specific niches.

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