Anton Fursà

Volkswagen Transporter


a hangar
a VW

Volkswagen is the one of the top car manufacturers in the world. They chose a unique set and a fun “one man show” situation for this Ukrainian production signed by 23/32 Films Ukraine and directed by Klaus Spendser. This video is a great example of the work of Director of Photography Anton Fursà. 23/32 Films produced a series of fun videos for Transporter.


Production Company: 23/32 Films Kiev

Anton Fursà: Director of Photography

Klaus Spendser: Director

“In this huge hangar there is a hole in the ceiling. So we decided to place six Arri M40 there thru full diffusion to lift up exposure on the car. We wanted to have a moody dark atmosphere and keep the real lamps in the shot at the same time (they were quite bright). This setup helped us to highlight the car so we could keep everything else a bit underexposed.” (AF)

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