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F**king amazing is a feature movie documentary. Production time: 2 years. It premiered during Berlinale 2016. FA is a collection of 220 interviews with the most influential entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, politicians and dreamers who made a huge change in the world also thanks to the tech revolution. The red line is the story of Honor Gunday, crazy tech entrepreneur. Lorenzo Musiu was both Director and Producer of Marketing and Distribution.


We wanted to challenge the status quo by turning a movie documentary into a real brand. Why? Because we already own the distribution platforms!


After the premiere of the movie at the Berlinale in 2016, we went on distributing F**king amazing at dedicated events around the world engaging with our target audience as never before and applying the advertising mindset to a movie documentary production and distribution.

F**king amazing is a world tour discovering the meanings of success, ambition and happiness

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