The Jack Stupid

Corneliani Percolometria

Advertising Animation

A “tailored”

After TJS did a project for Valentino, its art director Pablo Arroyo presented them to Corneliani, a brand he was trying to rejuvenate. So he gave them this 60 second animation, a bunch of outfits to show and a do-whatever-good-luck-boys wish. The Jack Stupid won 4 awards at Miami Fashion Film Festival. Among them they scored “Best Concept”.


Rejuvenate the brand and make it appealing for a younger audience.


TJS presented a moodboard right away, with text description and style frames, most of which remained definitive and made it into the final film, and Anna Resmini, renowned illustrator, gave them her magic-touch from the beginning.

Corneliani decided to ditch on doing a catwalk and instead mailed 750 ipads with four films and complete lookbook to journalists, distributors and clients.

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