Impolite creates compelling and original content for brands by bringing them together with professionals from film, photography
and digital media.

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Our Artists

  • Stéphane Barbato


    Stéphane Barbato

    Barbato makes a road safety campaign look, feel, smell, and taste like a feature film. Who knew it was possible to get all 5 senses out of 2D? He did.

  • Bonasia & Narcisi

    director duo

    Bonasia & Narcisi

    Turning aliens into models and models into aliens, the duo will show you a whole different side of fashion.

  • Alexander Killian


    Alexander Killian

    Alexander is based in Berlin but creates his very own magical worlds in his work.

  • Martina Pastori


    Martina Pastori

    Pastori can shoot cocky street style films to delicate high fashion, and anything in between.

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Impolite is a creative production house. We generate ideas, tell stories, and produce works that encompass your brand’s message

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